August's 4th-gen WiFi smart lock is $40 off right now

The IoT gadget is down to $189, which is the best price we've seen this year.

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August Smart Lock 4th gen
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August's WiFi smart lock is a good one if you want an easy to use device to expand your smart home. Now you can get $40 off the smart home gadget at Wellbots by using the code EGDTLOCK at checkout. That'll bring the WiFi smart lock down to $189 — while not the all-time-low price we saw during the holiday shopping season last year, it's the best price we've seen on the gadget in 2022.

Buy August WiFi smart lock at Wellbots - $189

We gave the smart lock a score of 80 when we reviewed it in 2020. The 4th-generation device is smaller than the previous model and, thanks to its WiFi connectivity, doesn't require a bridge to work. August's mobile app uses videos to guide you through installation and we recommending checking the company's support page before buying to make sure that the gadget will work with your door. Overall, the installation process is quite easy and we like that August requires you to turn on two-factor authentication as part of it. It's an extra layer of security that's truly necessary for smart devices like these. And on top of that, the lock supports Bluetooth encryption as well as AES 128-bit and TLS encryption.

After setting up the smart lock, you can control it from anywhere using your phone. You can remotely unlock or lock your door whenever you want, controlling who can get into your home and when. You can also send limited-time keys to friends and family so they can get in when necessary, plus the Auto-Lock feature will automatically secure the door when the device detects its been shut. And your old-school keys aren't suddenly useless now either — you can still use them with August's device to lock and unlock your door. That'll come in handy if you forget to replace the gadget's dual CR123 batteries before they run out.

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